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We are pleased to announce our registration forms are now available online for pupils wishing to start learning a musical instrument this academic year 2021-22.  Tuition is offered to pupils in P4 onwards however, priority will normally be given to pupils in P4-5 and S1-S2.  Please click on the following link to register your interest https://my.pkc.gov.uk/service/Music_tuition___new___Apply.  Please note, you will be asked to login/register with your MyPKC account.  Upon submission, the relevant instructor will be in contact shortly thereafter to confirm next steps. 

Presently, It is not possible to offer tuition in all Primary Schools, however, the Music Service is continually striving to develop and broaden the opportunity of access to schools.  Please accept our apologies if your school is unable to offer tuition at this time.

In line with Scottish Government policy all instrumental music lessons in Perth and Kinross will be free with immediate effect.