Music Tuition – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How frequent are the lessons?
  • What happens if lessons are cancelled?
  • What happens if a pupil ceases lessons part-way through a term?
  • How are lessons recorded?
  • Are instruments available to be loaned from the IMS?


How frequent are the lessons?

Weekly lessons are normally provided. Exceptions include school holidays, in-service days and severe weather closures.

What happens if lessons are cancelled?

Music Instructor absence – The Music Service agrees to provide a Music Instructor in school and available to teach for a minimum 30 lessons over the academic year. In most cases music instructors will be available to teach on more than 30 occasions.

Pupil absence – If the pupil does not attend the lesson (due to absence, exams, holidays, school trips, etc.) then the instructor may be able to reschedule the lesson. However, this cannot be guaranteed. For long term pupil absence (e.g. due to illness or injury) a deferment may be agreed at the discretion of the Instrumental Music Service Co-ordinator.

Study leave – As the instructor is in school and available to teach during study leave study leave is not taken into account. Pupils on study leave can still attend instrumental lessons.

Adverse weather – If the Music Instructor is not available to teach in the school due to adverse weather conditions (e.g. snow) cancelled lessons will be taken into account for refund purposes should lessons fall below the minimum 30.

Concerts, shows, assemblies etc – Very often the Music Instructor is involved in supporting pupils in these activities. Therefore are still benefiting from the mentoring of the Instructor. Younger/beginner pupils who may not be involved in these activities are likely to be involved in future years.

What happens if a pupil ceases lessons part-way through a term?

Payment liable until end of term.

How are lessons recorded?

Lessons are recorded on a “Live” electronic register. Pupils will be eligible for refund only if quantity of lessons is less than 30.

Are instruments available to be loaned from IMS?

The IMS has a limited stock of musical instruments for the use of pupils receiving instrumental tuition in its schools. The annual tuition fee includes the use of a basic Perth & Kinross instrument throughout the duration of tuition.  Senior and/or more advanced pupils will generally be encouraged to purchase their own instrument.

Conditions of the use of Perth & Kinross Instruments

The parent/guardian agrees to take the utmost care to maintain the instrument and protect the instrument from loss, theft or damage. Any instructions on the care and maintenance of the instrument must be strictly observed. An instrument must never be played by any person other than the pupil to whom it is loaned – except with the permission of the Instrumental Instructor. Instrument cases must never be opened in transit.  Instruments must be returned immediately to the Instrumental Instructor under any of the following circumstances:

  • lessons are stopped.
  • a pupil leaves school or moves to a school out with  Perth & Kinross.
  • the Instrumental Instructor or Perth & Kinross Council requires the instrument to be returned.

I’ve lost or damaged my Perth and Kinross instrument, what should I do?

Loss or damage to the instrument must be reported immediately to the Instrumental Instructor. The IMS will be responsible for repairs that are due to wear and tear. The parent/guardian will be responsible for repairs that become necessary due to accidental or wllful damage. The IMS will arrange for all repairs to be carried out. The parent/guardian will be invoiced for the cost of any repairs if appropriate. The parent/guardian is advised to insure the instrument either through household insurance or specialised musical instrument insurance.